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The VIC approach uses rapid triage, diagnostic testing/ultrasound, and appropriate interventional therapy with a long view on aggressive risk factor modification.

Vascular patients often have complex issues requiring multiple levels of management. VIC provides a caring environment designed with the patient and their families in mind. The process starts with a history and physical examination and a discussion with VIC providers defining the risks, benefits, and options of care. A plan is developed to provide the safest, highest quality care with the best outcomes in a timely manner. We are able to address issues in one location with our team-based approach that focuses on the patient and their special needs.
The Vascular Institute is a specialized medical-surgical practice dedicated to the care of patients suffering from vascular disease. Our team-based approach expedites patient care by prompt evaluations, full diagnostic ultrasound testing, appropriate wound care services, and cutting-edge vascular and minimally invasive endovascular procedures. We are experts in the region providing comprehensive medical and surgical PAD treatment, amputation prevention, venous care, and dialysis access. Your good health is our mission; your victory over vascular disease is our passion!


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