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Is Exercise The Fountain Of Youth Against Aging?

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A study by Brigham Young University found that people who performed 30 to 40 minutes of high-intensity exercise five days a week were biologically younger than those who led a more sedentary lifestyle. Despite popular belief, adding aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping does not have to be running. Other activities have similar benefits to running with less impact on the body, such as walking, swimming, bicycling, and kickboxing.

The key to success in lifestyle modifications comes with consistency in your exercise routine and choosing a well-balanced and healthy diet to go along with this lifestyle. The importance of making exercise a priority and putting it into your daily schedule allows for positive changes to be adopted and established in your daily routine. Lifestyle changes in diet and exercise habits can also prevent heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure and allow for better management of diabetes.

Another benefit of a regular exercise program is that it can help with balance and mobility as you age. For patients later in years, falling due to a lack of balance can lead to severe injuries and complications, sometimes from which they can’t recover. Implementing a simple walking routine reinforces balance, preventing chances of future falls and ensuring independence.

Aside from the benefits of anti-aging, balance, and overall health, regular exercise can also help those wanting to lose weight, reduce cholesterol levels, and enjoy the production of endorphins, which will lift your mood naturally.

So, how do you get started exercising safely?

  1. Consult your primary care doctor before considering any exercise routine.
  2. Look the part by having the proper clothing and shoes to protect you from injury.
  3. Get a water bottle and STAY hydrated.
  4. Begin slowly and gradually work your way up to a more challenging exercise regimen.

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