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Sitting & Cardiovascular Disease: When is it time to get up on your feet?

Inactivity for long periods of time can prove to be a contributing factor to cardiovascular disease, while an exercise program can start to prevent heart disease, manage diabetes, and address obesity. Many people’s daily activities – such as working remotely in front of a computer screen, or relaxing in front of the television – require […]

Vascular vs. Endovascular Surgery

doctor holding a stent

What’s the difference? Vascular surgery consists of procedures or techniques to correct blood vessels outside the heart and brain that may be narrowed, blocked or dilated. It’s the open-surgical treatment of diseases of the carotid, aortic, mesenteric, renal or peripheral arteries. These techniques require surgery to correct the problems, often under general anesthesia. An alternative […]

Arterial Plaque Laser Treatments

illustration of plaque in arteries

Can lasers be used to help treat plaque build-up in my arteries? Laser technology is an emerging resource in vascular health treatment. Lasers emit ultraviolet light to break up hardened plaques inside arteries. These minimally invasive surgical techniques are designed to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD), with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. PAD occurs with […]