Everyday Practices to Achieve Head-to-Toe Wellness

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Adopting healthier habits is a goal for many adults, but with the busyness of daily life, health often takes a backseat. Here are ways you can modify your day to be more wellness-driven. The Vascular Institute of Chattanooga can create an active treatment plan for patients suffering from a vascular disease. Make an appointment and […]

The 6 Easiest Ways You Can Take Care of Yourself Head to Toe Every Day

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Whether you’re hoping to drop some weight, de-stress, look after your mental health, or simply lead a more balanced lifestyle, taking care of yourself every day can help improve your general welfare. However, the occasional crash diet or exercise binge may not be the healthiest way to look after yourself in the long term. To […]

Is Exercise The Fountain Of Youth Against Aging?

is Exercise the fountain of youth

A study by Brigham Young University found that people who performed 30 to 40 minutes of high-intensity exercise five days a week were biologically younger than those who led a more sedentary lifestyle. Despite popular belief, adding aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping does not have to be running. Other activities have similar benefits […]